Five Ways to Achieve Your Goals with No Willpower

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achieve with no willpower

Have you already struggled to achieve a goal or finish a project?

Have you felt like you were lacking willpower and blamed yourself for that?

Let me tell you that you are not alone!

I know what it is and I had this issue for a long time.

But there are solutions for that.

I have selected five powerful ways to achieve your goals with no willpower.

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Why you shouldn’t use willpower

Before I share with you these hacks, you have to understand something.

You rely too much on your willpower.

And willpower is something limited.

Of course, it is variable between people and you can develop it. That’s something I will write about in another article.

But it will always be limited. Thus, if you use only this to achieve something, you will fail. Very likely.

What to do then?

Let’s see that now!

1. Find and follow your vision

I explained here how to find your vision in life and why is it important.

Here another example of why it is so important to choose a life purpose: it will help you to save willpower.

You see, when you act following your vision, you are using some other kind of energy, from inside and from outside. I don’t want to go into some esoteric thing here.

But when you follow your vision, you feel more energized. You don’t drained out your willpower.

You feel this inner drive that pushes you into action.

For example, when I wrote this article, I am acting in line with my vision. I believe that you deserve to live a fulfilled life. And I want to help you with that. This is huge if I can even help you in some slight way.

I have this purpose that is much bigger than me and I don’t need much willpower to take action.

2. Cultivate self-discipline

Another way to keep you working towards your goals is to develop self-discipline.

This is a very useful skill to cultivate in many aspects of your life. Because at some point, you will have to force yourself to do something. You will have to go through your lack of energy or motivation.

Getting used to force yourself to take action even when you don’t feel it will grow your self-discipline. And help you to keep you going.

3. Put systems in place

Another solution is to lower the energy required to work on your goals by setting systems.

Systems are very powerful and you should try to set one for almost everything in your life.

You will have a set of actions to take to achieve a particular task. Thus, you don’t need any energy to think about how to do it, you are ready to act.

For example to record, edit and publish the podcast episode you can find above, I have a system. I always follow it. Then I “just” have to take the microphone and speak. I already have everything in place. No doubt, no time and energy wasted to figure out how to set up the audio or how to upload it.

That’s something I will write about in another article.

4. Set habits

To ensure that you will consistently work on your goal, you can set habits.

For example, you have the goal to lose weight and you know that you need to exercise for this.

If you set the habit of working out every day at 7:30 am before breakfast, you will work on your goal no matter what. It is part of your daily routine and you need no willpower to do it.

I wrote an article here about how to set new habits if you need it.

5. Use accountability

This one is also another powerful hack. Making yourself accountable to yourself or others will force you to get things done.

I already wrote about the importance of setting deadlines to achieve your goals here. Deadlines are one way to set accountability.

Challenges are a special kind of deadline that put them to the next level.

I am writing this article in the context of a challenge that makes me accountable to myself. But also to the blogging community at Odd Noodle led by Paul Scrivens.

I took the decision to write an article every day for 100 consecutive days (plus a YouTube video and a podcast episode). I don’t let myself any choice.

Thus, I do this. Every single day. That’s the contract I set with myself and my blogging mates.

Very powerful.


Stop blaming yourself for your lack of willpower. You can only use so much every day.

Instead, use these techniques that every successful people use at different levels.

You don’t need to use them all. And not always at the same time. But if you do, nothing will ever stop you.

You are unstoppable.

Now go and do it!


Before, let me know in the comments which of these hacks you are using or you plan to use. And let’s start the discussion!

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