Start a challenge and skyrocket your productivity!

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Do you want to be more productive? To achieve more and faster?

Why not start a challenge?

I already wrote an article about the importance of setting deadlines to achieve your goals.

But I want you to go to the next level of productivity by starting a challenge.

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What is a challenge?

A challenge is a specific goal you set yourself to achieve after a given period of time. Usually, 30 or 60 days.

It shouldn’t be too short because you won’t achieve much in two days. But on contrary, one year would be too long to stay focused and keep you motivated.

During this period of time, you will set short, very short deadlines. The best is to set daily deadlines, so you work on your goal every single day.

Let’s take an example.

I am writing this article in the context of a 100 days challenge. In this challenge, I decided to write 1 blog post, record 1 podcast episode and shoot 1 YouTube video every day. Quite intense, right?

By the way, I took this decision thanks to my business mentor Paul Scrivens at Odd Noodle (#AffiliateLink) who initiated this challenge for himself.

You can check out his own 100 days challenge.

Usually, I would set myself a goal such as writing 12 articles in 3 months. Not bad at all.

By starting a challenge, not only I will have 100 articles within almost the same period of time, but also 100 videos and 100 podcast episodes.

Not exactly the same productivity.

You can do the same for any goal you wish. To produce more, improve your skills or learn a new one.

During a challenge, you will have a consistent focused action on your goal and progress regularly.

In the end, you achieve much more.

What are the benefits to start a challenge?

Having set yourself a challenge will have many benefits for helping you grow your skills or maximize your productivity.


Since you will work every single day on your goal, you will build momentum. You will get used to working on it and it will become a routine.

Even after your challenge, you will certainly keep going and be more consistent than ever.

You have set new habits that you are likely to keep.

Furthermore, I would bet that you will have enjoyed your challenge and take another one!

What if you start a new challenge every month?

Imagine how much you can achieve in one year!

Get out of your comfort zone

One of the best benefits is that a challenge will lead you to get out of your comfort zone.

By setting a challenge, you will force yourself to work on new skills and overcome your mental resistance. You won’t think anymore to what stops you to get started. No more excuses, you have to do it. Every day.

To get back to my personal example, I am way out of my comfort zone. At the time of this post, I am not used to do videos or podcasts. I was thinking about starting both, but it was more a distant goal than anything concrete. Taking on this challenge pushed me to do it.

Without it, I would still be waiting to be “perfect” in front of a camera to dare to publish anything on YouTube. But how would I make any progress if I don’t do it?

Take action and realize your dream

Finally, it is obvious but doing a challenge will push you to take action and start achieving your dreams. They won’t be dreams anymore actually, but a reality.


Challenges are the most powerful way to skyrocket your productivity in any field, from work to home.

You will soon set yourself another one once you will have experienced how much it helps you.

I will organize challenges on this website at some point to help you improve your skills, such as setting habits or overcoming mindset issues.

Keep tuned!

My question: have you set yourself a challenge? Share it in comments and let’s start the discussion!

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