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stay focused

Do you want to stay focused on your goals when you work?

You are regularly distracted and losing focus when working on your goals.

Even if you feel motivated, at some point you have an impulse for doing something else.

It can be checking your emails or your social media accounts.

How can you stop that and gently refocus?

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The power of a simple question

So you experience this shift in focus when you work on a task. Even when it is something you want to do, a goal that you have set yourself.

I want to share a little tip that I use myself to help stay focused.

A simple question.

In fact, a bit more than a question.

Before clicking on your email software or tab, before taking your phone to check your Instagram or Facebook, ask yourself: “wait, why?”.

The idea is to mark a pause before you do something other than the task you decided to work on.

Hence, the “wait”.

And during this brief pause, ask yourself “why”.

Wait, why would I do that?

Wait, why do I need to check this?

What is the outcome I will get?

You want to check if this new action is helpful in any way to achieve the goal you are working on.

If yes, well you can allow to do it.

If no, the fact that you just ask yourself the question will help you to refocus.

“Of course I don’t need to do this. It won’t help me in any way”

Simple enough so you can use it in many circumstances.

Actually, it can be helpful in a larger perspective.

You can use the same tip before choosing a new goal, starting a new activity. Or starting over.

Mark a pause and ask yourself if it is in line with your vision, your purpose.

If not, maybe you should choose to work on something else. Change your plans.


“Wait, why?” is a tool that can help you on many occasions to ensure you stay focused on your goals.

And more generally that you take actions in line with your vision.

If you make this a new habit, you might well find yourself more focused and more productive globally.

In any aspect of your life.

“Wait, why did you wrote this article?”

Nice one.

I did because it is a step for me to help you to live a fulfilled and happy life. Thus, I took action.

Do you feel often distracted? Do you lose focus often? In which situation? Let me know in the comments and let’s start the discussion.

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